Royal Netherlands Chemistry Society (KNCV)

Royal Netherlands Chemistry Society (KNCV)

The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) is the largest chemical professional association in the Netherlands. Our member base consists of people with a shared passion for molecules and includes chemists, life scientists, process technologists and (bio-)molecular scientists.

We aim to create a vibrant chemistry community in the Netherlands. In order to do so we organize platforms and activities to inform and engage both scientists and the general public.

Examples of these activities are:
(1) Creating platforms for chemists to show themselves and their work to world, such as our magazine & online platform C2W ( and Eye-Openers (
(2) The launch of a new platform for non-Dutch speakers covering news and background stories from the chemistry community in The Netherlands and Flanders: C2W International (;
(3) Organization of conferences, such as the IUPAC|CHAINS World Chemistry Congress from 20-25 August 2023 in The Hague ( together with NWO;
(4) Awarding prizes to young talent in the work field of chemistry;
(5) Supporting the creation of (inter)national networks by maintaining close relationships with IUPAC and EuChemS.

Address & contact

Loire 150
The Hague
2491 AK
The Netherlands
0031 (0)70 3378790

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NWO CHAINS is the annual Dutch chemistry conference. It is the event where chemists, from PhD students and postdocs to professors and R&D scientists, in science and industry come together. We will update this website with more information about the programme when this becomes available.