Screening Devices

Screening Devices


René Willem Harmsen
0031 (0) 618427307

Screening Devices BV, founded in 2004, is a Dutch based company Simply Finding Solutions. Screening Devices BV provides a wide scope of laboratory goods to life (bio) sciences, environmental, food and agriculture business in the areas of synthesis, purification and chromatography.

Our product scope varies from silica gel (bulk and pre-packed specialties), HPLC columns, cartridges, storage plates and vials, miscellaneous supportive materials to dedicated fine mechanicals and selective smaller laboratory equipment. Our customers are active in research, development and (pilot) production.

We aim to Simply Finding Solutions – deliver and implement cost and time efficient solutions to our customers.

Address & contact

Hamburgweg 21
The Netherlands
0031(0)33 457 1705

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