Peter Klusener
senior process development engineer/campus ambassador
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Shell is a global energy company. We are transforming our portfolio to help creating more sustainable, renewable, lower carbon solutions with motivation to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. The energy transition needs to happen in parallel to support the needs of a growing population. The demand for clean energy and base chemicals is continuously increasing around the world. Meeting such demand is a challenge for our society and also for Shell. To tackle this global challenge, we need scientists like you!

Why work with Shell?

  • Shell holds a deep understanding of how energy systems might change. We also have a strong culture in innovation and deep expertise on technology which is crucial for developing new routes towards a cleaner future.
  • Shell’s technological capacity, customer-perspective, operational experience and market knowledge mean that we are at the forefront of many promising new technologies and opportunities.
  • We believe that a long-term goal for the world to achieve net zero emissions will be challenging, but feasible. It will require urgent action and long-term vision from policymakers to stimulate commercial and consumer opportunities.


Address & contact

Grasweg 31
1031 HW
The Netherlands

Various information

Speed dating:

Shell is a global energy company, creating sustainable, renewable, lower carbon solutions to become a net-zero emissions company. We can’t do this alone. Be welcome to talk with us about:
– energy transition
– collaborative research
– career advice and CV check
– application advice for a job in Shell

Want to become a sponsor?

NWO CHAINS is the annual Dutch chemistry conference. It is the event where chemists, from PhD students and postdocs to professors and R&D scientists, in science and industry come together. We will update this website with more information about the programme when this becomes available.