CHAINS 2020 goes online!

Effect Covid-19 on CHAINS 2020
NWO is complying with the measures announced by the Dutch government to prevent any further spread of the Covid-19 (Corona virus). As these measures make a normal CHAINS edition impossible we will make the most of the technological possibilities to create a great online CHAINS 2020.

Even with no limitations to the number of people that can be present at events and conferences such as CHAINS, there are still practical limitations that make a normal CHAINS edition impossible. For instance, due to social distancing, we can only fit a small number of people in lecture rooms. Even the biggest lecture hall is limited to only a fraction of the normal CHAINS audience. Therefore, we have decided to go fully digital in 2020, off course with necessary programme changes.

Online programme
A stimulating programme will showcase the best and most exciting developments in the Dutch chemical community. By maximizing opportunities for interaction and scientific exchange we expect to continue to build the chemical community, including junior and senior scientists in academia and industry.

We are now in the process of researching our options in order to present the participants with an exciting and inviting online programme. This means that we also have to think about a different programme for the digital CHAINS experience. For instance: though CHAINS will still be 2 days, you can expect the programme to be shorter than normal. As we do not want you sitting behind a screen all day, we will include plenty of breaks. We are also thinking about a social programme part that you can join optionally. We will inform you of our plans soon and hope you will all be excited to participate!

Ideas for the online programme?
If you have ideas that can help us create an unforgettable online CHAINS 2020. Please contact us via

We are positive about the future and aim to organise CHAINS 2021 as a physical conference once again.