Jana Roithová

Prof. dr. Jana Roithová

Radboud University Nijmegen

Focus on reaction intermediates


Understanding and development of chemical reactions relies on knowing key reaction intermediates. The talk will show how we can intercept reaction intermediates with mass spectrometry in combination with flow chemistry. Mass spectrometry detection offers unique sensitivity and thus identification of highly reactive, low abundant species. In addition, add-on techniques such as ion mobility separation or ion spectroscopy characterization allows us to study structures of these species. I will show how such detailed information on reaction intermediates can help in optimizing reactions and in discovery of new reactions.


Jana Roithová graduated in organic chemistry at Charles University in the Czech Republic (1998). Her PhD thesis focused on reaction dynamics (2003, Prof. Herman) and during the postdoctoral stay she learnt mass spectrometry techniques (Prof. Schwarz, TU Berlin). Her independent career started in 2007 at the Charles University, where she was appointed as a professor in 2014. In 2018, she moved to Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where she serves as a professor for spectroscopy and catalysis. She has obtained several prizes, e.g. Ignaz L Lieben Award from the Austrian Academy of Sciences or Rudolf Lukeš prize from the Czech Chemical Society. Her research is focused on development of techniques to study highly reactive ions in the gas phase. She uses these techniques to study reaction mechanisms, with a particular focus on reactive intermediates in metal-catalysed reactions.

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