Tati Fernández-Ibáñez

Prof. dr. Tati Fernández-Ibáñez

University of Amsterdam

Ligand-promoted C-H Functionalization Reactions


Metal-catalyzed C-H functionalization has become a powerful synthetic tool to introduce complexity in organic molecules since no pre-functionalization of starting materials is required, reducing the number of synthetic steps, the cost of the process and the waste formation, all key aspects for the development of sustainable synthetic routes. However, the low reactivity and selectivity observed in many of these processes impede the actual implementation of this strategy as a general synthetic tool in organic laboratories. To unlock the full potential of metal-catalyzed C-H functionalization, the discovery of new ligands capable of increasing the reactivity and controlling the selectivity is of central importance.
In this communication, I will present the discovery and development of new type of ligands capable of promoting a variety of C-H functionalization reactions in a highly selective manner.


M. Ángeles (Tati) Fernández-Ibáñez is an Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She received in 2006 her Ph.D. cum laude from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain, under the supervision of Prof. José L. García Ruano. During that period, she carried out a predoctoral stay in Boston College, USA, with Prof. Scott J. Miller. Subsequently, she joined as a postdoctoral researcher at the group of Prof. Ben. L. Feringa at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. After one year in the Medicinal Chemistry Institute at CSIC in Madrid, she moved to the UAM where she was appointed as Assistant Professor. In 2015 she took up a tenure-track position at the University of Amsterdam where she was promoted in 2017 to Associate Professor. Her research focuses on the development of new sustainable methodologies for the construction of complex organic molecules.

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